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Program Description

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Sixty years after Amelia Earhart undertook her 1937 World Flight, Pratt & Whitney sponsored female pilot Linda Finch to re-create and complete Earhart's ill-fated venture in a restored plane using Pratt & Whitney engines. Picture the Worlds created a new website to chart the nearly 10-week long flight. To show the close pilot quarters Earhart dubbed "the cubby", a 3D rendering of the Electra cockpit acted as a navigation menu on the home page. The site branding goal, beyond raising awareness, was to entertain and inform, and was accompanied by national media placements, including Saturday Night Live, MSNBC, ABC Online, CNN and Financial Times. The website empowered aviation and history buffs to track the plane's location and browse through historical artifacts surrounding Earhart's life and Pratt & Whitney's history. The pilot kept a pilot's log on the site which included images from her digital camera of the school children and officials who came to greet the plane at each touchdown airport. Site visitors could study a world map tracking the flight, see weather reports from the US Navy, or jump back and forth between 1937 and 1997 from any page to compare present and past photographs, engine specs or pilots' logs.

Project Details

  • Public Relations
  • Design
  • Live Online Event

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