Program Management

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Program Management

Program management translates goals into tactics. That means using a lot of languages from market selling points to technical systems and the networks of people who make and interact with them, business messages don't always connect. Picturetheworlds  provides fresh analysis and helps you usher everyone along market path.

Business Analysis

Picture the Worlds excels at bringing business objectives to the forefront of product strategies from product idea to launch. One Internet broadband service provider founded by a group of former cable executives retained Picture the Worlds to produce investor presentations and promotional CD. In addition to managing the collaborative and creative efforts of three remote teams, our primary role was to translate the founder's vision into a script, hire voice-over talent and manage the recording and editing session at the post-production studio. In addition, PTW managed all phases of storyboard creation and approval, including the production of computer graphics by agency staff. We also selected and obtained all commercial, archival and stock video and still images including reproduction rights and licenses, then pre-edited these to fit the storyboard.

Nimble Team - Cleaner Budget

Early in the planning stage, we help companies, organizations and candidates achieve their key objectives through innovative strategies and services that migrate seamlessly into strong and consistent presence. Picture the Worlds is devoted to clarifying how your mission can be accurately defined by measurable performance indicators. We help you define better ways to keep communications quick and projects accountable.

craft ::

:: requirements specification

:: budget forecasts

:: web project plans

:: risk analysis

:: vendor relations

:: software implementations

:: story boarding

:: script writing

:: marketing campaigns


Picture the Worlds is a positioning catalyst for new technology & cleantech projects that helps companies elucidate and refine their strategic initiatives and product development.