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I have come to the conclusion that most people will only help the environment if it is convenient. It is very interesting to understand how to position an idea so the acceptance comes... These two sentences reflect the intent and irony of Cleantech Map blog. How do we transition from a fossil fuel driven economy to a cleaner energy way of doing business? Understanding the basics of energy economy takes time. Cleantechmap blog gives you details, visual infographics and sources.

Strategic Communications

Picture the Worlds is an interactive consulting group. We work with both established companies and new ventures to create and execute innovative positioning strategies and evolving business strategies for the digital and coming clean energy economy. Our expertise brings requirement analysis, competitive intelligence research and program management in alignment with your audience, influencers' and stakeholders' needs.


Picture the Worlds is a positioning catalyst for new technology & cleantech projects that helps companies elucidate and refine their strategic initiatives and product development.