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Program Description

Mini Travel Treatments

Sound, light and scent zones activate as you pass on your way to the Ambience Bar for mini travel treatments before boarding your flight at this airport specialty retailer. We conceptualized the centerpiece of the salons — the Ambience Bar — where travelers experience pre and post flight mini spa treatments featuring personal care products packaged to easily pass airport security and to be used during flight, at travel destinations or in home treatments. The Ambient DJ mixes sounds, scents, lighting to relax customers. Interactive touchscreens let customers experience the salon products and promotions or order products and treatments while relaxing at the Ambient Bar or exploring floor displays.

Experience Design - UX - CX - IxD - IA

User experience design or UX refers to designers, and increasingly, to teams of cross disciplinary collaborators who seek striking solutions to difficult problems in the world today.

Designers look for ways to induce clarity, meaning and understandability in urban planning, retail marketing and display and of course, digital tools and websites. Designers connect the brand experience in the world to technology and places. Design can inspire conversation with users. As business brings designers into increasingly strategic roles, they lead by widening the dialog between users and producers.

The goal behind experience design manifests in streamlined ecommerce check-out processes, improved product page design, more effective marketing campaigns, clearer online training and educational programs, simplified business processes, smoother site navigation and contextually pertinent and better organized content.


Project Details

  • Customer Experience
  • Business Analysis

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