31 Oct

Can Project Management Practices Ignite Smart Grid Appeal?

So far U.S. ratepayers aren't taking a fancy to the Smart Grid, whatever that is. At least that’s the premise of an article in the Project Management Institute’s PM Network Magazine (Smart Grids Need a Recharge, October 2011).

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03 Jan

Mystique Of Wind - Part 2

It was speculated in Part 1 that wind power has held a fascination in our minds since ancient times, and still does.

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11 Oct

The Importance Of Being Energy

To broaden appeal, companies may stretch their wings across both sides of the environmental divide by joining multiple industry trade groups.  In some cases, standing with a foot in opposing camps can complicate a company’s communications strategy, especially when it come

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27 Feb

Jumping On The Austin Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

In spite of the tizzy this week surrounding Bloom Energy’s $700,000 stand alone box of fuels cells which as AP reporter Jordan Robertson explained “will allow homes and businesses to generate their own electricity,” the lure of hydrogen fuel cells had fizzled over the pas

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